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My name is Camey Maldonado and I am the owner of the Ruffles and Rust Expo. At first Ruffles and Rust may seem like an oxymoron, but to me it’s a representation of everything my small dream, turned into a multi-city exposition, has to offer.


I began this crazy journey back in 2013 and still get excited for every show as if it were my first one! 


At an average show you will find around 150 booths with vendors selling boutique clothing & jewelry items, home decor, handmade items, gourmet food and vintage items.


Each show is sure to have something that is unique and one of a kind. It’s an upscale boutique show with a small town feel. The Ruffles and Rust Expo has quickly become a shopper’s favorite, with more than 40,000 square feet of shopping. 


So I thought why not create a traveling boutique show. The idea of creating my own show and featuring the stores I love and the many talented people I know was a dream come true!


To this day, I am still very excited about the fact that I can introduce to others the many hidden treasures I have found when traveling to other cities and states. I love the idea of a one stop shopping event. It's more than a day of shopping, it's an event! 


The Ruffles and Rust Expo started because of a love I had for decorating. I started many years ago buying old chairs and repainting them and selling them on Craigslist. As I started doing more and more, I rented a booth and started selling furniture and other items out of there. My booth became very popular, so I decided to go one step further and open a store on Sixth Street, which is our historical Rt. 66 in Texas. The street has many vendor malls featuring a variety of vendors and I loved the concept but didn’t want to be confined to one building.


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