The Ruffles and Rust Expo!

The Ruffles and Rust Expo shopper… is infinitely curious • craves a good deal • never misses a good party and loves to host • is a sucker for luxury • values fun times with the girlfriends and a day out shopping is a must • views the world through rose colored glasses • is happiest surrounded by family and good friends • always enjoys a good sale • knows youth is a frame of mind • refuses to settle for mediocrity • values a good outfit • knows the latest styles • has a twinkle in their eye  • and most of all, seeks the originality only found at the Ruffles and Rust Expo

Welcome to the Ruffles and Rust Expo! We are glad you stopped by!






Please enjoy photos of vendors from our past shows!!!

Ruffles and Rust Expo

1806 S. Harrison Street

Amarillo, TX 79102




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